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  • [wpdev] Trace page views with Application Insights

    A few weeks ago, Ive decided to test Application InsightsApplication Insights with one of my Windows Phone apps. Application Insights is a library provided by Microsoft that allows you to easily collect usage and performance traces from your app and display them on your Visual Studio Online portal. The integration in a Windows Phone app is ...
    Envoyé à Kévin Gosse (Weblog) par KooKiz le mai 29, 2014
  • [wpdev] Pushing Telerik controls a bit further: keeping the RadWindow open when navigating to another page

    The RadWindow is a nice control for Windows Phone provided by Telerik. It allows you to display a popup, along with some neat helpers, especially for the popup placement. Unfortunately, I just ran along one of the limitations of this control. My application displays a list of pictures. When tapping on a picture, I use the RadWindow to display ...
    Envoyé à Kévin Gosse (Weblog) par KooKiz le janvier 12, 2014
  • [wpdev] Give that memory back!

    A weird behavior (one more) I noticed on Windows Phone, thanks to a question on StackOverflow (once more). First, lets create a simple Windows Phone application. The first page will contain three buttons: the first one navigates to another page, the second one displays the amount of memory used (by calling ...
    Envoyé à Kévin Gosse (Weblog) par KooKiz le novembre 11, 2013
  • re: [WCF] Faire cohabiter log et cache

    Pour ma part, le MessageLogging de mani&#232;re occasionnelle quand j'ai besoin de traces d&#233;taill&#233;es. Le reste du temps, un behavior permettant de logger de mani&#232;re moins verbeuse les fonctions appel&#233;es et la valeur de leurs param&#232;tres, avec quelques petites r&#232;gles suppl&#233;mentaires (pouvoir masquer les ...
    Envoyé à  Blog de Jérémy Jeanson (Weblog) par KooKiz le septembre 6, 2013
  • [wpdev] Pushing Telerik controls a bit further: pull to refresh

    While working on a new version of my ImageBoard Browser app (warning: shameless self-placement), I decided to try and use the pull-to-refresh feature integrated to the Teleriks RadDataBoundListBox control. The pull-to-refresh is about automatically refreshing a list when the user scrolls to its end. Its a feature a bit lacking in terms of ...
    Envoyé à Kévin Gosse (Weblog) par KooKiz le août 16, 2013
  • [wpdev] Storage bug in MediaLibrary.SavePicture

    Ive received many reports lately of users complaining of abnormal storage usage from one of my apps, Imageboard Browser.The application was in some cases storing hundreds of megabytes! I thought at first that it was just the ''other storage issue, but I did some further investigation just in case. After some trial and error and a bit of ...
    Envoyé à Kévin Gosse (Weblog) par KooKiz le mai 26, 2013
  • [wpdev] Memory leak with BitmapImage

    Theres a memory leak that has been bothering me for a while in my Imageboard Browser app. The scenario is simple: a slideshow feature, where a new picture is loaded from an url every few seconds. After a while, the app crashes with an OutOfMemory exception. Ive never been able to find the source of the leak, so I settled for a dirty ...
    Envoyé à Kévin Gosse (Weblog) par KooKiz le février 17, 2013
  • [WP8] Debugging and fixing a bug in Windows Phone sync tool

    Since a few days, I had this annoying bug in the application used to sync my Windows Phone with my desktop computer: every time I tried to synchronize podcasts, the application just crashed. After a while, I decided it would be a nice debugging exercise to dig into the issue myself. First step: reproducing the issue. It was easy enough, the ...
    Envoyé à Kévin Gosse (Weblog) par KooKiz le décembre 20, 2012
  • [WP8] Programmatically terminate a Silverlight app

    Exiting programmatically as always been an issue for Silverlight applications on Windows Phone 7. A few workaround existed, from throwing an exception to referencing a XNA assembly and using the Game.Exit() method. Windows Phone 8 brings a new API, that can be used from Silverlight applications: Application.Terminate() Using it is really ...
    Envoyé à Kévin Gosse (Weblog) par KooKiz le octobre 31, 2012
  • [WP8] Programmatically change the lock screen picture

    Windows Phone 8 introduces a new API to allow apps to change the background picture displayed on the lock screen. The displayed picture can be picked from the applications resources or from the isolated storage. To use this feature, you need first to declare it in the applications manifest. Just add the following extension in the ...
    Envoyé à Kévin Gosse (Weblog) par KooKiz le octobre 30, 2012
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