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  • Windows Update Services and Error 0x80072EFD

    If you're a Windows administrator, and you have a little bit of conscience, you've configured windows to automatically update itself. This week, Microsoft has issued a lot of security bulletins, along with their patches. I have a lot of machines here at epitech, which are updating themselves on an SUS SP1 server and it works really fine. But ...
    Envoyé à Jerome Laban (Weblog) par jay le février 10, 2005
  • Mono 1.0.5 support for NetBSD 2.0

    As I promised earlier, here is the patch for Mono 1.0.5 to run on NetBSD 2.0-Release. I've managed to get MonoDoc 1.0.5 to run on my box and near being able to run MonoDevelop too. It seems that somewhere, a mutex is unlocked twice and since the libpthread is asserting on that kind of invalid behavior, MonoDevelop stops. But even if assertions ...
    Envoyé à Jerome Laban (Weblog) par jay le décembre 15, 2004
  • ASP.NET Remote Debugging, Windows XP SP2 and .NET Framework 2.0

    I did not have to create and debug any ASP.NET application for a long time, but since I'm creating an online Questions/Answers application, I had to use the really nice debugging features brought by Visual Studio .NET. To be specific, I did not have to debug any remote web site since I installed the Windows XP SP2. My configuration is quite ...
    Envoyé à Jerome Laban (Weblog) par jay le décembre 13, 2004
  • Multiple MassStorage Drivers with Windows 2000/XP/2003 and INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE

    One annoying thing about Windows is the Mass Storage drivers management. The Windows Setup only installs the necessary drivers for the current system, which is generally fine most of the time. As long as you change your hardware but not the Mass Storage chipset, there is no problem. Windows is just restarting its Plug and Play stage to re-detect ...
    Envoyé à Jerome Laban (Weblog) par jay le octobre 8, 2004
  • The Disposable Pattern, Determinism in the .NET World

    One of the numerous features that can be found in the CLR is the garbage collection. Depending on the programmers background, this can be a little disturbing, having the habit to manage the memory by hand (especially for plain C programmers). &nbsp; For C++ developers for instance, even though the memory management can be abstracted by the use ...
    Envoyé à Jerome Laban (Weblog) par jay le août 16, 2004
  • Don't get the C# volatile the wrong way

    Don't get the C# volatile the wrong way. There is a lot of blurriness around synchronization issues in .NET, especially around the Memory Barriers, System.Monitor, the lock keyword and stuff like this. It is common to have objects that are able to create Unique identifiers, by mean of a index incremented each time a new value is retreived. It ...
    Envoyé à Jerome Laban (Weblog) par jay le août 5, 2004
  • .NET Compact Framework, Control.Invoke parameters and SyncProxy

    Since I'm writing this application on my SmartPhone using the .NET&nbsp;Compact Framework, I faced a small problem with the use of Control.Invoke. The problem is that, on the CF, this is the only method that allows synchronous UI method calls from other threads and it does not take any parameters. One would wonder then how to pass the standard ...
    Envoyé à Jerome Laban (Weblog) par jay le août 3, 2004
  • SharpIGD 0.5.0

    I have not worked on this project for a long time now... Mainly because Mono was too unstable at the time I was developing it to create a stable release. Since Mono 1.0 has now been released, I've updated the source tree to make it work again on Linux (and other variants as well). This time, SharpIGD 0.5.0 is available. SharpIGD is a project I ...
    Envoyé à Jerome Laban (Weblog) par jay le juillet 12, 2004
  • IPv6, Multiple network interfaces and .NET 1.1

    As a strong beleiver in the IPv6 protocol, when I first saw that it was finally integrated in the .NET framework 1.1, I finally sensed some interest from Microsoft&nbsp;in putting this new protocol into mainstream. I decided back then to add the support for IPv6 in the Mono project which now&nbsp;allows .NET software to use this transport on both ...
    Envoyé à Jerome Laban (Weblog) par jay le mai 7, 2004
  • SEH et Exceptions en C++

    Qui ne s'est pas déja retrouvé devant une horrible boite de dialogue de crash de programme ressemblant à celle ci :''The memory cannot be 'written' at 0x404459FF''. Cette boite de dialogue, bien connue des utilisateurs et développeurs&nbsp;sur Windows, est le résultat d'une exception&nbsp;matérielle, souvent la conséquence d'un problème logiciel ...
    Envoyé à Jerome Laban (Weblog) par jay le février 3, 2004
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