Mon inTTégrateur préféré vous parlait il y a quelques jours des 16 leçons sous forme de vidéos que Microsoft propose gratuitement pour se former à Visual Studio 2005.

Microsoft fait encore mieux et vous propose désormais 101 exemples, à la fois en VB et en C# regroupés parmis 4 catégories :

1. Base Class Librairies

  • Changing ACL (Access Control Lists) on files
  • Console Enhancements including buffer control, simple animations and colors
  • Downloading files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • Network Programming including PING, UDP, and TCP network statistics
  • Using the new Stopwatch class to measure time
  • Compressing and decompressing files in the GZip format
  • Retrieving Drive Information
  • Using Generic Collections
  • Creating Regular Expressions to parse text
  • Using Transactions for database and file copy operations

2. Data Access

  • Asynchronous Queries
  • Attaching a database with your application
  • Creating and using User Defined Types with SQL Server 2005
  • DataReader vs. DataSet comparision
  • DataSet and DataTable Enhancements
  • Performing Batch Updates and Data Paging
  • Performing Bulk Updates
  • Reading and Writing Images from a Database
  • Using Factory Classes
  • Using Managed Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions with SQL Server 2005
  • Using Multiple Active Result Sets with SQL Server 2005
  • Using Notifications with SQL Server 2005
  • Using the XML data type with SQL Server 2005
  • XPath and XSLT Transformations Enhancements

3. Web Development

  • Using SQLCacheDependency for caching
  • DataBinding using the ObjectDataSource, SqlDataSource, and XmlDataSource objects
  • Create a Master/Details view using the DataGridView and DetailsView controls
  • Basic Master Pages, Nested Master Pages, and Browser-specific Master Pages
  • Using the new membership controls including the LoginStatus, LoginName, LoginView, CreateUserWizard controls
  • Using the Menu and SiteMapPath controls
  • Using Profiles to store user properties
  • Using the Membership and Roles API for custom roles
  • Using the TreeView control dynamically and responding to TreeView events
  • Creating a custom portal using Web Parts

4. Windows Forms

  • Running Asynchronous Tasks
  • Storing Custom Client Settings
  • Creating Master/Detail Forms
  • Playing, Looping, and asynchronously using Sounds
  • Using BindingNavigator for static and dynamic data
  • Using BindingSource for static and dynamic data including objects
  • Extending ClickOnce to programmatically check for updates
  • Customizing the DataGridView control with different column control types
  • Using LayoutPanels
  • Using the MaskedTextBox control for built-in data types and custom data types
  • Controlling a simple rich texteditor using the Menus, StatusStrips and ToolStrips controls
  • Using My for application, computer, settings information and more. Note: This sample is only available for Visual Basic
  • Using the SplitContainer control
  • WebBrowser control basics and using the WebBrowserControl HTMLDocumentModel for Form-to-browser two-way communication.

Je vous laisse le plaisir de découvrir tous ces exemples par ici :