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[OpenXML4J] The future of OpenXML4J

Back from the Document Interoperability Initiative workshop in Brussels (French summary here part 1 / part 2) during which I exposed the future of the OpenXML4J project, I received several mail asking for more details. So I share the future of the project and my vision with you in this post.


This open source project began in August 2006 with the ECMA 376 Draft v1.4 of the Open XML Specifications (indeed I was working on the topic since the release of the 1.2). After an article on MSDN and two complete rewriting, I published the code of OpenXML4J on in August 2006.

OpenXML4J was mainly developed on developers' personal time, but Wygwam - where I'm currently hired - invest several weeks of time in this project. With the lack of time and hands, only the Open Packaging Convention part has been implemented today. The current version of OpenXML4J is similar to the System.IO.Packaging namespace provided by .NET 3.0.

POI and the support of Open XML file format : OpenXML4J inside !

With the 3.5 release, the POI project will offer the support of the Open XML file format. To manage all the package, parts and relationships stuff, POI finally uses the OpenXML4J library (OK, I'm a little proud that POI chose OpenXML4J to do it :p) :

Today and tomorrow

Here's an overview of Java APIs for Open XML available on the market:

STP = Strongly Typed Part - Modèle objects = object model

OpenXML4J and POI are complementary. The first provide a way to deal with all the OPC stuff and the other with the object model and high level functionality (indeed the main job). Today, the aim of the OpenXML4J project is to complete and stabilize the current Open Packaging Convention implementation, and to support the latest ISO specifications. We hope to be 100% conform to the specs. I think POI is the best place for OpenXML4J to be use, so I hope we can join the Apache Foundation and the POI project as well soon. There are great guys working on this project: Nick, Yegor and Paolo just to name a few. Guys, you make an amazing job !

If you have any questions or comments, contact me by email, blog, twitter, facebook, etc what you want indeed !

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