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Building simple things is not so simple, this is why software architecture is so fascinating...


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YouWebIt On SharpToolbox - Boost your RIA project managment

YouWebIt has just been published on SharpToolBox.

YouWebIt is a tiny desktop webserver that don't need any installation step and that can be use for free.

This project is born to facilitate RIA project managment. Lot of people involved durring this kind of project do not have any webserver on their desktop to run the project.
Developpers are not the only one to be interrested about an RIA project status : Sales team, managers, crea team, direction, customers are too...

To drive a projet finely, people involve in it need frequent interraction. This is one of the most important principle of the agile manifesto. Humans interractions, small itérations...

To share / show the current status of any RIA project today, a frequently used solution is to upload files on a development web server. This step need a web server configuration. Some administration. A way to upload files. With Ftp connexion for exemple. Then url/credentials should be share by everyone.

YouWebIt introduce a new way to share RIA project. Just package RIA project files in a zip file with youwebit then send it by mail. Explain your correspondant that he just have to run youwebit.exe. It's all.

The goal of youwebit is to be as simplest as possible so thanks for people that sent me their feedback by mail.

I'm using it with some coworkers but currenty, kind of peoples that i know who are using youwebit outside of brainosnic are especially sales peoples. I know some IT expert that are using youwebit during demo / course.

If you encounter any trouble you can leave a message at maxence dot dislaire at brainsonic dot com

Thank to SharpToolbox team :-)

Hope this help!


A New Concept? After Office Lip Dub, Office Filming

Do you know Office Lip Dub?

2 years ago, a guy named Jakob Lodwick (Creator of Vimeo and now Muxtape) post this video:

Lip Dubbing: Endless Dream from Jakob Lodwick on Vimeo.

He write "I walked around with a song playing in my headphones, and recorded myself singing. When I got home I opened it in iMovie and added an MP3 of the actual song, and synchronized it with my video. Is there a name for this? If not, I suggest "lip dubbing".

Later, he plan to make a lip dub with all his coworkers at Connected Ventures. The final video is  Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta :

Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from amandalynferri on Vimeo.

"We did this video one night after work. We are a company called Connected Ventures, a group of friends who work for: Vimeo, CollegeHumor, Busted Tees, and Defunker."

The result get an enomous success over the world and other companies start making their own Office Lip Dub videos.

Now that you know what Office Lip Dub is, here is a video that some of my coworkers did after work directed by Slimane Berhoun (This guy is awesome). The result is fantastic. It's not a lip dub but the concept is pretty same. All coworkers get involved in a film.

looking for fiston - Brainsonic
envoyé par celine_chiozzotto

Some parts of "Looking for fiston" are really not understandable from outside Brainsonic but I clearly found the concept awesome.

We are a company of friends called BrainSonic and we are working on video solutions and what we call "RichMedia". I don't know if any other company did this before so I suggest "Office Filming". Who's next ? :-)
Improve your productivity : Boost your RIA Project with YouWebIt
Copy YouWebIt in any directory, run it. You are browsing a website on your desktop.

Do you have some Asp.Net ot Static Html website files on your desktop? Are you working on Asp.Net website? Full Static Html? Ajax? Silverlight? Flash website? Flex one? How do you browse them? Do you setup an IIS website? Do you open Visual Studio then press Ctrl+F5? Blend? Do you know Cassini web sevrer? Do your boss or your mother can do it?

I guess you know theese tools but what about some simple scénario :

You : Hey boss! I just send you my website by mail. What do think about it?
Boss : Are you kidding me?

In most case, to run an enable webserver on you desktop you either need IIS installed and configure on your website. Or you need Visual Studio installed. Or Other tools like Cassini...

YouWebIt is an alternative to use when you just want to show or share your work.YouWebIt doesnt need IIS either Visual Studio installed. Just execute YouWebIt and you are now browsing a desktop website.

When do I use it?

  • When I just want to show quickly my website to my partners, customers, coworkers, students...
  • When I want to share a simple website. Send It by mail with YouWebIt.
  • When I want my mother can do this. Dont need any development tools or IIS installed. (Just .Net framework 2.0 wich is installed on Windows XP SP2).
  • Crossbrowser development : YouWebIt detect some browsers installed on your desktop. IE, MultipleIEs, FireFox. You can switch from one to the other easily.

Know issue / What next?

  • YouWebIt does not work on read only device (CD, DVD). As I have embedded WebDev.WebHost.dll into YouWebIt resources, I need to solve the WebDev.WebHost.dll CLR assembly resolution trouble. As Asp.Net runtime need this WebDev.WebHost.dll to be loaded, we need to provide it to the CLR. The AssemblyResolve event is pretty launch for the default appdomain but it's not for the appdomain. So we need to write the WebDev.WebHost file in the website bin directory before starting the webserver. To solve it, I think that I have to write my own CLR Host that provide it's IHostAssemblyManager. Do you have any suggestion?
  • As I work a lot on Silverlight application. I plan to add a SilverlightSpy menu Item. Just to launch SilverlightSpy on the current website   
  • I plan to detect Flock, Opera, Safari browser...


  • .Net Framework 2.0 (Installed by default on Windows XP SP2)

Any suggestion  bug repport are welcome.

YouWebIt is OpenSource. Get more information on

If you encounter any trouble or exceptions, you can contact me on maxence dot dislaire at gmail dot com

Hope this help!


Helpful links:

Silverlight Spy 2 is Out

Koen Zwikstra has just release Silverlight Spy 2 and its rocks!

FirstFloor SilverlightSpy 2
You can download it here. Be sure to install the prerequisites first.

For new users, Silverlight Spy can be used to inspect a Silverlight application at runtime. It's very usefull while debugging application with lots of objects created dynamically. It's also awsome to understand how Silverlight plugin works. Event Monitor help you to understand which events are fired, when and on what source.

Tips : To quickly select any UIElement, just press Ctrl+Shift key and move your mouse on the Silverlight Plugin.

This new Version works for Silverlight 2.0 application only and does not (yet?) support Silverlight 1.0 application. So don't uninstalled Silverlight Spy 1.0 yet. You will need both if you want to Spy 1.0 and 2.0 SL application.

For 1.0 French Users, I report a bug fix due to string formating trouble on none InvariantCulture machine. This bug cause Exception while selecting some UIElement. Moreover all foat numbers in Xaml generation where formated with a coma instead of dot. I'm sure Koen is very busy at this time with this new version but I hope it should be fix a day.

About Xaml Generator I note that SLSpy2 generator include much more details than SLSpy 1.0. SLSpy2 Xaml Generator is now enable to read all property of type Point (which was impossible in SL1.0) so all RenderTransformOrigin and other Point properties are now correctly included. By the way, XAML for Path.Data mini language is not available yet.

Hope this help.

Thanks to Koen and Silverlight Spy Team from FirstFloor

Have fun with this great development tool.


Why do I use ScriptSharp for Silverlight 1.0 Web Development?

Since the day I deep into Script# Nikhil Kothari project, nearly all my personals and professionals Silverlight 1.0 projects are base on Script#


Here are some reasons that make sense for me about this decision.


1.       Type and error checking at compilation time. ScriptSharp is a C# to Javascript Compiler. Script# takes an MSBuild file as input (only C# files are supported) and transform them into Javascript files. I have nothing against Javascript but I waste too much time on debugging annoying coding error that a compiler should throw up to me instantly... Wasting time is just unacceptable...

2.       Script# Base Class Library. Script# come with it's own BCL. (Careful, nothing in Script# language is related to .Net. Script# is an implementation of a subpart of C# language specification) Script# BCL (Base Class Library) contains many advanced feature about DOM, Dhtml, AJAX, Regex, Collections, and sure all Silverlight 1.0 stuff...

3.       Same Deployment model than before: Browser still only use Javascript file. All C# stuff can be deleted. So the web site can be deploy on any webserver without having to care about .Net (You will be able to deploy your website on Apache or any other web server.

4.       Transparency, As Ayende say in one of his blog post : I firmly believe that if you have to ever think about the tool then the tool is not doing it's job. Script# comes with Visual Studio Project Template. After the project is created, just forget that you are using a Javascript compiler. The only thing that you will have to care is the BCL as it's have nothing in common with the .Net BCL.

5.       Customizable Build process: Script# come with its MSBuildTask so to create a Script# custom project you just need to tweak some MSBuild stuff in the csproj file. As I want to respect Project Development Tree wellknown best practices I want to include Script# tool in the repository and use this one instead of the one into program files. Script# just evolve quickly. Includinng Script# tool into the repository is safe for long time project. On the other way, respecting this principle, all team members, including Blend Designers do not need to install anything about Script#. It's just what I call 'Checkout & Play' Principle.

6.       Object Oriented, Polymorphism, Inheritance, Namespaces, Properties, Events, Anonymous method and closure are all finely supported. The 2 frist sentence words "Object Oriented" should convince you to run download Script# and test it Smile.

7.       Project Architecture. You can divide your project into multiple projects. Script# will output one Javascript file per project. Just use the 'add reference' context menu option in Solution explorer if you want to add a reference to another existing project. 

8.       Javascript interaction. Script# uses a very practical Attribute base mechanism to bind a C# class to the real Javascript one. At the end Script# do not generate the C# binded class but only its usages. About this point, personnaly I have never been blocked into Script# impass and you always have a solution to ly use pure Javascript files.

9.       Tools, Tools, Tools :

a.       Use can use Reflector to browse all available Script# BCL and additional libraries.

10.   You can use Resharper. Resharper is just my favorite coding tool behind tone of other ones. If you don't know it just have a look to this jedi codding video

11.   Developers, Acceptation, learning curve. C# resources are more easy to find than Javascript one. C# is generally more appreciated than Javascript. C# learning curve is better than Javascript (think that Script# abstract you all the plumbing of how to create a class in Javascript that support polymorphism. I don't want to go into any debate but around me people are more motivated on Script# project than on Javascript one. As Dick Latim say(I can't point to it directly so Click on the 5th TOC Item 'Video' at the end. The content is in French), motivation is one of the most important success factor on a project.

12.   Documentation: Thank to Nikhil Kothari for all the Docs available. So useful?

Here you can have a look to this French website fully build using Script#.

Hope this help.

Many Thanks to Nikhilk again!

First Post

Ok, finaly I did it!

This blog is focus on Software design & developpement. Keeping things simple as became my way of work just after my first projet. I was building a Network Multiplayer Tetris for learning C on windows plateforme and it quickly became to me an evidence that keeping things simple is a real challenge...

At this moment, I'm building a few producs for BrainSonic the European Rich Media Production leading company. So at this place I want to share my personal work and what I found on my way of exploring Software Design...

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