Nos deux speakers seront Joe Binder et Yu Fang -Li:

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Joe is a program manager on the Visual Basic .NET team.  He is responsible for the new My language feature and VB runtime.   Prior to joining Microsoft, Joe studied enterprise storage solutions and secure communication protocols for serverless, wireless networks.

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Yu-Fang Li is the Development Lead in Visual Basic Development Team at Microsoft. In this role, she is responsible for leading the VB Data and VB Runtime development teams to develop the next generation for the RAD data and runtime features. Before she came to Visual Basic team, she worked in Access 1.1, Access 95, Access 97 and Visual InterDev 6.0. Yu-Fang holds a MS in Computer Science from Brown University and BS in Physics from Taiwan University.

A notre que chaque présent resevra quelques éléments:

  • Insight into the next version of Visual Basic
  • Advanced concepts for building applications that take full advantage of your VB skills
  • VB Resource Kit: Over a $900 value with more than 600,000 distributed worldwide
  • ASP.NET Resource Kit: over $1000 in free controls and valuable $10/month hosting offers
  • Visual Studio 2005 technology preview: play with the code before it's even in beta
  • Other giveaways including preview book chapters, a chance to win a Pocket PC, MS Press Books and more!